Eco Heat Logs are very dry, long-lasting, incredibly quick and easy light.

These heat logs are one of the very best wood briquettes available on the market.

High-energy, ultra-dry heat logs; Convenient to use and easy to light.

Environmentally friendly and suitable for open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, closed appliances, chimeneas.

Retains their shape during burning and do not expand, reducing sparking and spitting.


Provide a high steady heat output with low smoke and ash; Minimal flue gas to protect your chimney; Each Log: 6.5cm (H) x 6.5cm (W) x 6.5cm (D)

Eco Heat Logs

1000 Grams
  • Recieve 96 packs = 10kg with 12 logs per pack.

    1 Pallet = 960kg